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Friday, 9 May 2008

Thursday 8th May 2008

Grrrrr. I gained 1/2lb this week. The WeightWatchers leader made me feel as if I should be upset about it and tried to give me strategies to work on losing more weight. I came to the conclusion tonight that it is demoralising queuing up for 15 minutes to be weighed (and that was before I found out I hadn't lost any weight!).

Anyway I've had a busy couple of days with work and coping with the changes there and trying to support colleagues who are not very happy about the move. I only work two days a week so can't really complain too much and it must be really difficult for my full time colleagues.

I have been shortlisted for interview for doing a PhD! I'm just pleased that I've got an interview and continue to pray that if it is God's will for my life that I will get an offer. However I am aware that it may not be! I was at the drop in centre today and was amazed to hear and see that a 19 year old son of one of the mothers who attends has recently become a Christian and wants to go to Newday in the summer! Now that really warmed my heart today.

Graham is away and struggling but hopefully it won't be for too long. The children are well. Rosie is having a few friendship issues with a girl in her class, but that is girls for you. Boys are much less complicated when it comes to friendships. Helped Harry with his paper round tonight. He is getting quicker which is great. Charlie seems to be a little better organised this week so all is well.

I went to the gym today and managed to run/jog for 35 minutes which I was pleased about as the most I have done is 30 minutes. I am now eating biscuits which a friend brought back from Canada for us this week. The maple syrup cream is soooo delicious. There goes another 1/2 lb.

Looking forward to the weekend. We're having friends round for dinner on Saturday which will be nice. Rosie and Harry both have sleepovers.

I'm watching the God channel at the moment which seems to be filming the Florida revival and Todd Bentley all the time. Wow. What I've seen this week is certainly awesome.

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