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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Thursday 15th May 2008 ( Thankful)

I have had a great day today. I have so much to be thankful for, and in no particular order I thank God for the following things I have experienced today:

I managed to run and cycle for 50 mins in the gym before the drop in centre. I thank God for my health.

Rosie told me tonight that she is really enjoying an Enid Blyton's Famous Five book which I remember reading at her age. Infact Enid Blyton books were the first ones I started to read and I remember reading them under the bedclothes with a torch when my parents thought I was asleep. I must buy her the Mallory Towers and Five at St. Clares series for her birthday next month. I thank God for the enjoyment of storytelling and imagination.

My colleague came to the drop in centre this morning. She is the one who has recently retired and who I have had the privilege to pray with several times. I had invited her so she could refer her clients in the future. Unfortunately we had a bit of a crisis shortly after she arrived when a client arrived late and was very distressed as she had no money to feed her children. Her partner gets out of prison in a couple of weeks and she is finding it difficult to cope. We were reluctant to give her money as we knew she would just buy drugs with it. So I went to Tesco and bought her some food and another volunteer bought her some credit on her gas meter. I thank God for the privilege of being able to help her today and that she felt secure enough to come to us for help.

I am grateful for the shouts from both Charlie and Graham in the other room as Leeds have just scored another goal . This means they are through to the playoffs and Graham can get tickets to Wembley.

I am thankful that I have lost 11/2lbs this week. I went to WeightWatchers with my friend and she had also lost the same which is great. I was given another silver seven sticker to stick on my card. The woman who weighed me was more excited than me! Boy how I loath going each week. Thank you God that you are helping me to have the willpower not to be greedy and to have control over what I eat.

I am thankful for the lovely reference I was given from my supervisor to assist me in my application to do my PhD. It was so encouraging and came at the right time when I was beginning to think it is not the right thing for me to pursue. I know the Lord will give us the desires of our heart and I am almost sure this is it for me. Thank you God.

I am thankful that my friend who has just returned from seeing Todd Bentley in Florida has invited me to a special prayer meeting next Wednesday about the revival.

I am also thankful for humour. A friend sent me this today which is very tongue in cheek and I hope I don't think about it next Wednesday!

I did think it was funny, particularly as I remember 'The Streak'

Also I thank the Lord for good wine. Graham and I have just enjoyed some St Emilion (which was on special offer at Sainsbury's). Years ago we went to St Emilion ( 1990) and had a glass of St Emilion in a bar in the square of the village. Very nice too.

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