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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tuesday 13th May 2008

It was great to be off work today, although it was confusing as I kept thinking it was a Monday. I went to the gym first thing and ran again for 30 mins and then did a 20 mins on the bike. I then drove home to collect Harry's shoes as he had put on his trainers by mistake this morning and phoned me from school to tell me! I couldn't stop laughing. If he'd had had slippers by the door I'm sure he would have put those on instead of shoes!

I then did some tidying up as the cleaners are coming tomorrow. I also sorted out our wardrobe and put all my winter clothes away. I also caught up with several days of bible reading. I've now finished Numbers which I was struggling with.

After lunch I went to Fifth Avenue for a pedicure. What a treat! It was a Christmas present from the mother of the child I take to school every day. I saw that the voucher expires next month so thought I had better use it pretty quickly. It was so nice to sit there for one hour having a foot and leg massage and then my nails painted.

I then stayed in town and bought a present for a friend whose birthday it is on Saturday. I collected the children from school and then we went to the Dentist for a check up. All is well thankfully.

Rosie had swimming tonight and then I had my book club which I came back early from. Graham is away and Charlie has a Spanish test tomorrow which I needed to test him on so I had a good excuse to leave. We discussed 'The Secret Life of Bees' which I had read last October when we were in Florida. Of course I had forgotten much of what the book was about as it was some time ago. Still have mixed views about this reading group and feel I don't really have the time for this anymore.

Anyway, off to bed to read a new Christian biography which I bought from Wesley Owen today.

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