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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sunday 10th May 2008

It is such a lovely hot day today. I have spent most of it in the garden relaxing and reading the papers. We were up early to take Rosie to netball.

We had a great evening last night with our friends and neighbours. I made stuffed mushrooms, salmon with black bean salsa and salad and raspberry and blueberry pavlova and mint chocolate mousse. Despite spending a lot of the day in the kitchen it was a relaxing evening which we really enjoyed.

Off to church in a minute. Rosie isn't back from her friend's yet so need to go and find her. Harry is tired after a sleepover at a mate's and Charlie has been doing some Spanish revision.

Working tomorrow- we have an away day to look at how we are going to work together in our new premises and as a much bigger team. Not looking forward to it but it is a positive step.

Much later in the day now. The blog doesn't appear to post until it reaches US time which is 6 hours behind GMT. It is now 10pm and I'm sat here glowing from too much sun. I only sat out for a short while but have caught the sun on my shoulders and neck. Apparently it is going to be hot tomorrow. It was 26 degrees today which is hot for this time of year. I know it will be put down to global warming as everything is these days. Not sure what I think of it all.

Church was great. Luke preached on prayer and the important role of fatherhood and how it affects their children's spiritual growth. Harry wasn't playing in the band as it was the youth band's turn who were really good. It was just as well he wasn't playing as he was so tired following a late night.

We all watched Dr Who together and then Graham and I sat outside. It was so nice to sit in the cool of the evening with just a sliver of a moon above listening to the birds (and the traffic !)

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Freedominthedance said...

Thanks for your comment.
It does sound like you had a great time in your kitchen...wish I had a knack for cooking, but I'd rather just eat sandwiches or perhaps bake bread...that's something I like.
What is that dish you spoke of with a v? Can't remember it now, but I have no idea what that is and my sister is asleep or I'd call her~! She lived in England for four years...I missed her terribly...
Have you ever been to the states? If so, where?
I would like to travel there, but she wasn't happy at all there. Said it was very dismal...lots of dreary days...I don't think I could adjust to that.
Goodnite and enjoy work...what exactly do you do?