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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Tuesday 20th May 2008

What a stressful day I have had so far. In no particular order:

The sink is blocked and after spending a fortune on Mr Muscle, Domestos and 3 bags of soda crystals it still won't shift. I'm having to bail the dishwasher waste out of the sink as it back tracks up into the basin which suggests the blockage may be lower in the dishwasher waste pipe. Unable to get a plumber until Thursday as I am working tomorrow.

I had a major child protection issue today and had to attend a meeting first thing. I cannot take on any more cases.

My colleague is on holiday and I have yet another conference tomorrow where the mother's partner challenged something I had written in the report which I will have to back up.

I'm so tired today and feel like I have to start all over again once I come in from work. I still have a mountain of ironing.

However, I'm not going to grumble any further. I'm going to have an early night which I'm sure will help.


Jammy Jenny said...

Hi Caroline. For your blocked drain, simply try a decent plunger (not just the wooden handle/suction cup type). Then pour a mugful of soda crystals with hot water down it once a week to stop it happening again. Kitchen sinks get blocked by solidifying grease and trapped debris whilst baths/showers get gunked up by hair (which is also greasy!) and hair/shower products.

Monday through Sunday said...

Ditto to what jammy jenny said..I have done the same and it works..!!