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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Tuesday 27th May 2008

We had a fantastic day yesterday. We drove through the rain and arrived at China Town just before midday. We hailed a taxi and went to the Imperial War Museum. The Bond exhibition was very informative and was more about the life of Ian Fleming than the actual books and films.

We then bought some sandwiches from the cafe and then wandered around the rest of the museum, visiting the First and Second World War exhibitions including the Child at War section and The Blitz. The Holocaust exhibition was extremely moving, particularly at the end where there were rows and rows of shoes from Auschwitz victims. My gaze caught on a small sandal obviously belonging to a child.

We left the museum and caught a bus back to Westminster. We walked for some time and saw Downing Street, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, London Eye, Regents Park, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly, Nelsons Column, Trafalgar Square before arriving in Soho and China Town.

We went to Wonk Kei for a meal. The staff appeared to have mellowed over the years and were very polite to us. The food was great. After eating we walked again for some time and stopped for coffee at Starbucks. By now we looked like drowned rats as the rain was coming down even more heavily. Just to add to my damp appearance I spilt a whole cup of coffee down my front as the lid wasn't put on properly!

We then walked to the theatre. Couldn't believe it as the people in front of us in the queue were a family we knew from our old church in Cambridge! I have also bumped into the woman on three other occasions at Henlow Grange It is a small world.

Joseph was totally amazing! Lee Mead was sensational and looked particularly fetching in his loin cloth- was worried he may have caught a chill though! The music was brilliant.

We then drove home getting back at 11.30pm.

Today the weather is dull and overcast but at least the rain has stopped. There is a JCB outside in the road digging it up. The whole road is being resurfaced which is a good thing as it certainly needed it.

I'm off to the hairdresser's shortly. Graham has gone to the gym and Charlie is about to start revising. Rosie is at a friend's and Harry is on the trampoline. We are going to have a lazy day at home, although have to do lots of tidying up as the cleaners are coming tomorrow.

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