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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Friday 22nd February 2008

I feel totally chilled after such a relaxing day. Graham took the day off work and we met up with friends. We had such a laugh together. We swam and drunk coffee and ate a fantastic lunch together- all healthy stuff as it was a health farm we were at. Graham had a massage and did a spinning class. He feels so less stressed which is great.

Rosie has a friend here for a sleep over, Harry has just returned from church and Charlie is still there and will be brought home later by his friend's mother.

Today I am thankful to God for the following:

My health- how I appreciate being able to swim and exercise. My foot is on the mend, although I still can't walk on it properly.

My husband and children and family- I am so looking forward to spending the weekend with them

My friends- I love spending time with different friends. The friends we were with today we have known for years. We first met at our old church in Cambridge when we were expecting our first children. They live about a 45 minute drive away from us now but we still keep in touch and are going to Center Parcs with them over the Easter break.

My bible notes for today are about building strong characters and relying upon God's word and not the wisdom of the world. How true is that! Almost finished Genesis. I never tire of creation. Reading about the creation of this beautiful world and Noah's story got me thinking tonight about how much I appreciate the beauty of creation, and particularly mountains and lakes. We still haven't booked our holiday this year. We have been to the same part of Switzerland for the past 18 years as we love the scenery and walking in it so much. However we are thinking of doing something different this year, but can't decide. There is so much of our beautiful country to see and I feel the children are growing up without visiting some of our country's finest places.

Lovely Interlaken

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