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Friday, 15 February 2008

Valentine's Day

We've had a couple of busy days. On Wednesday we drove to Bolton to see my mum. It took 3 hours to get there and the traffic wasn't too bad on the motorway. The weather was absolutely glorious and so warm. It was 15.5 degrees and 18 in North Wales apparently, warmer than the weather we sometimes have in Summer.

We went to the Thatch and Thistle for a meal which was really nice, but didn't end up eating until 2.30pm as it took us ages to get there due to there being an accident near the Reebok Stadium. Anyway in the pub we had a pleasant surprise. Both my mum and I at the same time saw Vera Duckworth( Liz Dawn ) walk into the ladies. We waited until she came out and then Harry went up to her and asked her for her autograph. She is such a lovely lady and her friend who she was with said that she wouldn't mind having a photograph taken. So Charlie took a couple of photos with his phone. Once I've worked out how to download them onto the computer I will get a couple of copies as my mum would like one. After our brush with the celebs we walked to my Dad's tree. I couldn't believe how much it had grown and it was nice to see the daffodils shooting through the ground which Christine had planted. The views were spectacular and we could see the coast and the Welsh mountains and the mountains in the Peak District. We did a short walk before heading off to Rivington and to the gift shop where I bought a couple of cards for a friend's birthday and my neighbours who have had a baby boy.

By now it was getting quite late and the traffic was not easing so we dropped my mum off at home and then set off. The traffic was awful and it took me an hour to do about 20 miles. We stopped off at the Birmingham Ikea for refreshments and I bought a couple of things including a cake stand with a glass dome and two mirrors one for our room and the other for Rosie's. The children were great and played number plate bingo to amuse themselves. We eventually returned home at 10.30pm and went straight to bed.

Yesterday I seemed to spend most of the day accommodating the children and their friends. What a different day weather wise and a total contrast to the previous day. It was so cold and grey. We drove to Harold Country Park to meet a friend and her children. We had a lovely amble around the lake and stopped for coffee and hot chocolate at the end of the walk. We then drove home and I took Charlie into town to meet his friend who had come on the train from Luton. I also dropped Rosie off at a friend's. I then came back , did a spot of housework and then played backgammon with Harry who was pleased as he won.

Things then started to get frantic as I had to collect Charlie and his friend, make everybody tea, take Rosie to another friend's for a sleepover and take Charlie's friend to the train station. Graham was late back from Milan as his flight was delayed and we were late for our Valentine's meal at the golf club! The meal was fantastic. We had stilton stuffed mushrooms for starters, I had sea bass with a salad and new potatoes for the main course and Graham had fillet steak, followed by peach creme brulee which was delicious. We had a bottle of sancerre which we didn't finish so we brought it home. I was presented with a white candle with red hearts on wrapped in cellophane which was a nice touch. The meal wasn't too expensive so we will definitely return. Graham had bought me a nice card, a cd, a book and some underwear! I hadn't bought him anything. Never mind.

It is Friday and the weather is pretty grey and cold again. Graham's parents are coming over this afternoon so we will do some baking this morning. The boys have a special outreach weekend at church and will have to be at church for 7.15am tomorrow as they are going to Kings Lynn for the day. Anyway, must go and play backgammon again with Harry. Charlie is still in bed ( no surprise ).

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