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Monday, 4 February 2008

Into February......

I haven't blogged for a few days. I must quickly look back to see where I left off.....

Have had a good few days. My sore throat thankfully didn't get any worse and I felt much better by Saturday. On Friday I went to the gym then into town. I read my first couple of blogs and began to think that a month had gone by and I hadn't progressed any further with my research. I went to the library and found some books about remakable Christians who came from Bedford including John Bunyan, John Howard, Trevor Huddleston and John Berridge. It is a start.

I then drove to Ravensden and met a couple of friends for lunch in 'The Horse and Jockey.' The food was absolutely delicious. I had a salad with scallops and chargrilled courgettes. After lunch I went to another friend's and we prayed about both our dreams and visions for the future.

I went to see Harry playing his clarinet in a school concert in the evening. I felt very proud of him. Both Charlie and Rosie had gone to friends' for sleepovers. However Rosie got cold feet and I had to go and collect her after Harry's concert finished.

Saturday was a strange day with Graham away for most of it. I organised the children against all adversity it seemed at the time to go to a women's breakfast organised by one of the churches. I went with two friends, the third having cancelled at the last minute as she wasn't feeling well. Well we got a shock as we walked through the door and found out who the speaker was. We all felt it was definitely meant to be us being there to hear the speaker. The topic was on change and we can either embrace change or try to avoid it. Either way change is going to happen so we might as well embrace it.

After the breakfast I collected Charlie from his friend's. Rosie was at a church event all day and Harry stayed at his friend's until late afternoon. Charlie went to town with his friends and at one point I felt almost at a loss what to do as I was on my own. It just didn't feel right. Graham came back from Frankfurt and we had a lovely evening. Graham's boss has now decided to cancel the other 2 weekends this year due to everyone being disgruntled about it. Now that is an answer to prayer.

Sunday found us doing the usual rugby, taking Harry to church and Rosie to a party. Church was great as usual. The worship was excellent and the sermon uplifting and challenging ( about the prodigal son).

Today Graham worked from home for most of it which meant we could have lunch together which was nice. I went to the gym first thing and then Sainsbury's. The afternoon was spent doing housework as usual. I listened to an old Sue Rinaldi cd which I haven't played for a while. I had forgotten how good it is, particularly when played loud. I will try and find a link to one of my favourite songs.

I read a book on Saturday about an ex addict( Barry Woodward) who was dramatically healed from all his addictions. He is now an evangelist. His testimony is amazing and I just couldn't put it down. I will give it to one of the girls on Thursday. I'm now reading a Joyce Meyer book which is great as it is so affirming but very much like a couple of her other books I've read.

Somebody has just sent me this link. It is fantastic and so true!

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