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Monday, 18 February 2008

Monday 18th February 2008

The children have gone back to school today and I'm back at work tomorrow. We've had a great weekend. The boys went to Kings Lynn to evangelise and to launch a new church which is part of New Frontiers. Graham and I took Rosie and her friend swimming and we swam a mile whilst they played.

Saturday evening I went to a friend's for dinner. She had hosted a testimony evening and had invited somebody who I work with and who also lives in the village where my friend works as a Pharmacist to give her testimony. There were ten women including a couple of non Christians. The testimony was very powerful and impacted us all. God is the God of miracles and it never ceases to amaze me how He can transform a person's life for the good.

Yesterday we had a lazy morning as Harry didn't have to play in church. After lunch we walked for 1 hour around the village and looked again at that house for sale. Still unsure about it but to decide one way or the other I am going to view it this afternoon. Church was brilliant. Paul preached on grace again. He is such an anointed man. The sermon ended with us listening to the following song by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir:

Woke up early after sleeping fitfully. I seemed to be awake on and off from 3am onwards. It was soooo cold this morning( -5 degrees) but it is the first morning I haven't switched the lights on. It is definitely getting lighter. I dropped the children at school but felt too cold to go to the gym so I went straight to Sainsbury's instead. I will cycle round the village later today so will get some exercise along with doing the housework which I will start after I have written this. I am sat overlooking my lovely garden writing this. The sun is shining and the layer of frost on the grass is gently melting and receding from the rays of the sun.

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