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Friday, 8 February 2008

Thursday 7th February 2008

I went to the gym first thing and felt energised throughout the day. I then went to the drop in centre which was good. I gave one of the girls the book I had read over the weekend and pray that God will reveal Himself to her through the book. All the girls managed to do the course again this week which is brilliant.

One mother told me she had stolen some gripe water from a shop this week as she had no money to buy any! These girls are so desperate.

After lunch and a very long phone call with Sarah I took the car to be valeted. It was so embarassing and I kept apologising about the mess. I guess I should have cleaned it myself this afternoon but the guys did such a good job and I want it to be just perfect for taking Graham's Mum and Dad to Cambridge tomorrow for Alison's internment. Anyway it looks fantastic and I can't remember it ever looking so clean. I then dropped a birthday present off at a friend's and took a bunch of flowers round to another friend whose birthday it is today. I was supposed to be going out for a meal tonight with her and some other friends but cancelled as Graham is out swimming and I will be out tomorrow night and Saturday. I felt bad that I cancelled but quite pleased with myself that I'm managing my time a little better this year.

Spoke to my Mum today who has an appointment to see the Dr tomorrow as she still has a problem with her throat. I tried to reassure her by saying it could be due to the bronchoscopy she had a couple of weeks ago. It is half term next week so we will go and see her and visit my Dad's tree.

Before Graham went out I had a phone call from somebody who had some baby equipment for one of the families I am involved with, so we quickly went out to deliver it. The family were so grateful for the cot and high chair. They don't have much and it was really humbling to see. Their baby is absolutely gorgeous and I know I see so many babies and they are all beautiful but this one is special. It may be due to his circumstances but he is just so delightful. It is a real privilege to work with this family and I was pleased to see they had tidied the house up and made an effort with their laundry. I know I wasn't there in my work capacity but couldn't help to comment on their progress. Long may it continue.

Not looking forward to tomorrow but I will be strong and do my best to support Graham and his parents in their grief. I know God will be with me.

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