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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Later on ..

Just had my next door neighbour's mother knocking at the door to inform me that my neighbour is in labour and is in hospital. The car was recovered tonight abandoned in the next village. The police think it was left with a view to the thieves returning at a later date after they had established whether the car had a tracking device attached.

Just had a go on a 'brain trainer' and was most pertubed that I had a brain age of a 61 year old! I had another go ten minutes later and it had come down to 42- much better but I am aiming for the brain of a twenty year old.

It has turned very cold again. The pattern seems to be cold and frosty mornings, bright and sunny days and cold and frosty evenings. Apparently it was the wettest January for decades and the warmest February so far for years. We're off to see my Mum tomorrow and will need to leave early so will finish now.

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