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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Tuesday of half term

Another beautiful sunny day. My washing is on the line which is great.

Yesterday there was a knock on the door at 10.30am. I opened the door to see a police woman stood there. She quickly reassured me that everything was ok and that she was doing a house to house enquiry as my next door neighbours were broken into during the night and car keys plus their car were stolen amongst a handbag and wallet. My poor neighbour is due her first baby this week. How awful for them. She said their car had been stolen to order as it is worth a lot of money ( £30,000). We went round later with with some flowers and Harry made a honey and sultana cake for them. Charlie reckoned it didn't happen to us as we had prayed the night before that God would protect us ( and also our car is not worth a lot of money)!

Rosie had two friends round to play and my colleague came round with her son for lunch. It was lovely to see her and to catch up with all her news. Charlie took her son outside to play football and the girls went out on a bike ride round the village.

After my friend left Rosie persuaded me to take her to New Look to buy her a fleece cardigan. Can't believe how much she is into clothes and shopping and she is only 9! Rosie's friend stayed the night and they watched Narnia whilst the rest of watched Chevy Chase National Lampoon's European vacation. It is very rude in places but very funny.

Harry has a friend here at the moment and I'm just about to take Charlie into town to meet his mates at Subway. Rosie has gone to MK with her friend and mother. No doubt more shopping. I've cleaned all the downstairs windows and I've got the kitchen and conservatory floors to mop when I get back. I was hoping to get out into the fresh air today but doesn't look likely now.

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Daune (pronounced Dawn) said...

Caroline...please explain how much that amount of money is dollars! I'm not familiar with the type of cake your son made, either...would love it for you to continue to peruse my sight...I probably won't be changing the name until some time in March...this faith adventure is producing in me such confidence in our Father...
I, too, enjoy your posts. I am fascinated with the way you speak and the different words you use. God bless you as you hunger for Him.