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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Monday 25th February 2008

Yesterday was great. I took Rosie to her first netball match. I was absolutely mesmerised by the whole thing. I have never seen so many girls at any one time. It was a huge tournament with teams from all over Bedfordshire taking part. Rosie's team lost all the five matches they played but she still enjoyed it. I had to go and collect Harry from church after the first match. I can't believe we have added something else to our Sundays! Charlie also lost his rugby match but wasn't bothered by it. Graham was on the door at church so we went early. The service was amazing again with another excellent sermon on Grace from Paul. We can now download the sermons so we must work out how to do that.

After church we went round to a friend's to give her her birthday present. We stayed for a drink and then came home. A lot of rushing around ironing and getting things ready for school and work followed and I just had enough time to sit down and watch Lark Rise. Yet another good episode. I think it must be the last one next week. What will I do with my Sunday evenings then!


Went to the gym after the school run. Did 50 mins of aerobic activity and felt good afterwards. I am feeling fat today though and don't appear to have lost much weight since Christmas! I had coffee with two women one whom I know from the gym and another from the village. I then went home and read some more of Exodus and did some housework before driving to The Horse and Jockey to meet a friend for lunch. Graham keeps teasing me about all the socialising I am doing at the moment and meeting up with friends for lunch! It is no wonder I'm not losing weight.

After lunch I went to Tesco and then met Rosie from school. The boys walked home. Tonight has been the usual Monday night activities. I'm off to bed soon so I can read. Work tomorrow.

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