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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Saturday 23rd Feb 2008

Can't believe how quickly today has gone. Took Charlie to football. He was playing in the B team against Bishops Stortford. They won so he was really pleased. He then went into town with his friends. We took Harry to the music centre to buy him a new guitar for his birthday next week. We bought him an electro acoustic Washburn. It was expensive but we feel money worth spent as he plays the guitar so much and is not into playstations or electronic games at all. He was grinning from ear to ear and made everybody lunch when we came home including Rosie's two friends.

I then took Harry to his friend's from school who lives about twenty minutes away. Rosie and her friends were collected by a friend's mother who took them to the cinema to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks. I then went back into town and to John Medhurst's to buy a friend a nice present for her 5oth! Can't believe she is 50. I bought her a silver chain with an unusual pendant. I also saw the Pandora bracelets which are lovely. They are inexpensive ( well the silver ones are) and the charms vary in price. As it is Mother's Day next week I may drop some hints! I don't have much jewellery at all. My wedding ring and engagement ring are my most precious and valuable which I wear always.

We had invited friends round tonight but they couldn't make it. It is nice to have an evening in. Graham and Charlie are now watching France versus England rugby on the television. I am going to do a spot of ironing then sit down with a glass of Spier sauvignon blanc. I may pick up my knitting if I have time.
Pandora silver chain with merano glass and silver charms

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