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Saturday, 5 January 2008

Friday January 4th 2008

Haven't got much time as we are off to a games evening tonight at some friends and have to take Harry to church.

Got up sooooooo late today (9am). Didn't even see Graham this morning. Stayed in my pjs until 11.30am. However I managed to get some washing and ironing done and other chores. The children also got up late. Harry told me that after I went in to see him last night to say goodnight his friend and him played on their DSs and read until 3am!!

As I was ironing and listening to the radio this morning I had a bit of an epiphany moment. After deciding not to make New Year's resolutions I thought I should have some goals for the year. As I was praying about it and reading my bible I came up with the following:

1. To start believing God for more in my life in order to fulfill my God given destiny. For eg to follow leads about writing book/Phd etc. Felt God really speak to me today about subject matter for book.

2. Look into pension options next week when back at work so I can hand in my notice asap to concentrate on above

3. To try and lose the one stone that is probably nearer two after these holidays.

4. Get back into gym, but carefully. Have just had email from friend telling me about a 58year old man from the village who died from a heart attack following a spin class at the gym just before Christmas. Not that there's much chance of me overdoing it, but you never know.

5. Be more careful with money and spend less to get used to not having my salary

Felt great after focusing on the above. Cleaned the conservatory and took the decs off the tree and put the tree in the garden.

Graham came home early after another visit to the Dentist. Took Harry's friend home and dropped Charlie off at his friend's then nipped into town and bought some boots from Clarks (£25-bargain ) and sent the £55 ones back to Boden. Rosie has a friend for a sleepover tonight.

Anyway must go and decide what to wear tonight. It has just started to rain so don't think we will be cycling to our friends.

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