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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Wednesday January 9th 2008

Trying to be positive about my mum. She saw her consultant today who wants her to have a ct scan and bronchoscopy on Friday. Lord I pray for complete healing in her lungs and that you will give her the peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that you will stay close to her on Friday as she is so anxious about having a bronchoscopy.

Work continues to be frantic, but was able to encourage one of my clients today who is struggling with her past and her life as a new mother. A colleague came to see me to hand over part of my caseload she had been covering during my leave. She arrived thirty minutes before our team meeting and asked me to pray with her and to commit our day to the Lord. How great was that! I will hopefully be moving office base next week on a temporary basis to be with a bigger team of health visitors. I will be in the same office as this colleague so we will have further opportunities for prayer. We did try to set up a prayer meeting last year at work but only managed to meet once.

Graham has also had a stressful day at work and he is now watching football. The children are all asleep and I need to go to my bed and read my book which I've almost finished.

I'm not working tomorrow. I don't work on Thursdays so I can help out at Cornerstone a drop in centre for families. I absolutely love working there and have done for many years now. It is a real privilege to work with these families. I'm in the kitchen tomorrow serving drinks and making toast which will be great as it gives me the opportunity to have conversations with more clients. I finish at lunchtime and then need to come home and attempt to do some housework.

Still reading Exodus. Good to revisit the commandments. Also read psalm 46, the first part very apt for me.

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