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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Tuesday January 15th 2008

Rain rain rain, all day. The river Ouse is bursting its banks in places and I noticed slight flooding when I was driving home from work by the Embankment. As I write this I can hear it pelting loudly down on the conservatory.

Work wasn't too bad today. I spent the morning in a training session about KSF ( knowledge and skills framework) which was farcical considering we have been completely deskilled in our roles due to financial cutbacks, no staff and huge caseloads.

I spent the afternoon catching up with phone calls and paperwork. A woman I had arranged to see wasn't in as she had forgotten about my visit. Very frustrating but expected.

Not too much homework tonight. Harry has discovered origami and has made about 20 cranes. They are all over the house but look great as they are so colourful. Charlie watched too much television tonight. I must not let it happen tomorrow. He seemed happy as he enjoyed school today. Rosie had her swimming lesson tonight after tea. It was great to watch her as she has improved so much recently.

Graham is in Milan today and sounded stressed when I spoke to him.

I felt challenged today by my bible notes as we need to ask for greater faith and focus so we won't settle for less. If we do this and start aiming higher more people will hear about Jesus and see Him in us, as when successful people speak other people listen. I didn't just feel this was apt for my professional life but for my personal and social life.

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