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Thursday, 3 January 2008

Wednesday 2nd January 2008

Sense and Sensibility was so lovely last night, but I will reserve judgement until I have seen all three episodes.

It was Graham's first day back at work today. I had every intention of getting up with him and making him coffee but I just couldn't get up. Still the thought was there!

I eventually got out of bed at 8.30am and had an enjoyable hour on my own before the children got up. They will be in for a shock next week when they have to get up at 7am. I managed to read my bible notes. Every year I start off with UCB's bible in a year plan and make it to April and then restart in the summer and try to catch up by reading three or four days worth until October when I give up completely thinking I'll start again in the New Year. I did catch up until November last year so a little better. Today's ' word for today' was about having courage to make the right decisions without feeling the need to please everybody. This theme has also been constant in a book I finished reading last night ( The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer ). I must try and put this into practice particularly at work. I read from Exodus which is a great book about the life of Moses.

Rosie went round to Ella's to play and our trip to the ice skating rink was soon abandoned due to lack of interest. Perhaps tomorrow. Decided to take some of the decs down so took the cards and lights down and cleaned the lounge. I will tackle the tree tomorrow. The boys spent most of the day on the playstation and watching the television. I tried not to feel guilty as they'll soon be back at school. I phoned my mum who is still ill with a chest infection and has to go for an xray on friday. Tried to reassure her but failed. She is convinced she has cancer. Told her she needs to read the Joyce Meyer book.

Later on in the afternoon I collected Rosie from Ella's and we then went to Sainsbury's. Spent £63 on not much and then managed to drop a bag of shopping from the trolley on the way out smashing a jar of chocolate spread and a milk carton. The kind lady on Customer Services took pity on me and replaced both items for free.

Graham finished work early today as he had to go to the Dentist for an emergency cap on one of his front teeth following half of it breaking off whilst eating peanuts on New Year's Day. Told him he resembled Fagin hence the swiftness in getting something done about it.

Apparently it is going to snow tomorrow. Hope it does.

Will post the UCB link as the website is excellent.

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