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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Sunday January 6th 2008

Had a great time at friends on Friday. We played several games including Taboo, Call 'Em All ( awful game ) and a movie quiz which I was absolutely useless at. Nevertheless the girls won which was good as I haven't won any games played at all during the festive season.

Went to The Coliseum yesterday to watch The Nutcracker ( English National Ballet ). It was Rosie's first ballet and not sure if she really appreciated it as she kept asking questions like ' When do they start speaking?' 'When is the interval?' 'When does it finish?' I really enjoyed it but it was very contemporary and I was expecting a more traditional version with frilly white tutus. The friends who we went with are real ballet fans and critical of the production. However I had a great day and particularly enjoyed the music.

We had a lovely meal in Bella Italia in Leicester Square after the ballet and then walked to the Embankment where we caught a bus to Russell Square. Nostalgia hit me big time as we drove by Bedford Place and Bernard Street where I used to live twenty years ago! We then walked to St Pancras. I haven't seen the station since it has been refurbished. We saw a Eurostar train and I thought how much I would really like to go to Paris with the family.

We arrived home at 9pm and then I read for a long time. Graham had taken the boys ice skating and then to his parents for tea.

Will finish this later as I have to go and collect Harry from church. Our Sundays feel nothing like a day of rest at the moment with Harry playing in the band twice and Charlie playing rugby in the morning and then going to the afternoon service. Things will possibly change once Charlie has given up rugby, although Graham prefers the afternoon service.

Just finished lunch and almost time to take Harry back to church and then all back again for 4pm. I have been thinking about people who God places in your life for a reason. There is one friend of mine who I am aiming to spend more time with during the year. We had to cancel dinners etc last year so many times due to both of us being too busy with family life. ' I thank my God every time I remember you' Philippians 1:3 is a verse I pondered upon yesterday morning which led me to thinking about my close friends and other friends. I must continue to create memories around friendships which are important that I will treasure. Life is so short to waste it on insignicant issues and spending it with people who I don't really want to spend time with. As I was thinking about this again today one of my closest friends unexpectedly called round to ask me to endorse a passport application for her daughter. I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks over the Christmas period so it was nice to catch up with her. Infact I should tell her how much I value her friendship. I will see her shortly and may tell her about this blog. I haven't told anyone about it. The only people who know are Graham and the kids. Harry was horrified when he found out that this would be posted on the internet and asked me whether Dad knew about it!

Charlie lost his rugby match this morning but doesn't seem phased by it.

Bible notes for today are about trusting God for everything in your life. Even when you don't feel God is blessing and directing your life if you have faith and focus and wait on Him your opportunities will be regulated by His plan for your life. God needs time to lay foundations in order to build something great in your life.

Looking forward to chilling in front of Sense and Sensibility and reading the papers later on this evening.

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