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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

January 1st 2008 Happy New Year

My bible notes for today are from Deuteronomy 1:6 ' Be strong and courageous'. Basically we need courage when we try something for the first time, or something we've previously failed at doing. This is my first blog ever which I intend to be God inspired so I need courage to step out in faith not only in writing this but for this coming year. Being the New Year and a time of reflection about the past year and my hopes and dreams for 2008 it is a good time for me to start this.

We have had a lovely Christmas despite it being tinged with sadness as we remembered my father and Graham's sister who both died in 2007. We celebrated New Year's Eve with some friends who came to stay for a couple of days. We had a great time, particularly the children who were so excited about the whole notion of being allowed to stay up until past midnight. Harry unfortunately turned manic after a glass of vimto and encouraged all the kids to run down the road on the stroke of midnight shouting and screaming and playing 'knock ginger'. Judging by the frosty look from my next door neighbour this morning I don't think the children's celebratory mood was met with the same enthusiasm.

We did manage a lie in this morning though. Our eldest who is 14 appeared at lunchtime declaring it was the best New Year's Eve ever. There's a compliment if ever there was one from someone who like most teenagers resonates with Kevin and finds word formation at the best of time very difficult. We have just chilled for most of the day with the occasional fight from the boys. Rosie has been to a friend's for a play and then another friend phoned to ask her round for a sleepover tonight. She must be tired as she didn't want to go.

My New Year's resolution was not to make any this year so today I ate what I liked which was great as usually I start a diet each New Year's Day.

Graham has just walked into the room and peering over my shoulder asked me what on earth I was doing. He then walked out laughing uncontrollably when I told him. I will not be put off by him but need to finish now as Sense and Sensibility is due to start soon.

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