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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Saturday 26th January 2008

Woke up early. Graham had his golf lesson as usual. Had a leisurely breakfast and did a spot of ironing and housework before Harry's friend arrived. His mother is a health visitor colleague from work who I know quite well. She stayed for a chat and then I made everybody lunch before setting off with Rosie to collect her friend so we could go swimming. Before swimming we had a quck trip to Tesco to buy some glue, newspaper and something for tea.

Swimming was great. The girls appeared to enjoy themselves and I managed to do my 80 lengths. I felt energised afterwards.

We then went into town and I bought Rosie some skinny black jeans and pumps.

Back home I made everybody tea. Charlie hadn't even ventured outside today. He did do his homework though. Graham took the boys to the driving range and then took Harry's friend home. We then ate our evening meal together with some nice sauvignon blanc I had bought from Tesco today. I am pleased to stay in this evening. I do so enjoy chilling with my family.

Ploughing through Isaiah still, although parts I understand quite well and really enjoy reading. It does become so familiar with time although I can't recall chunks of it.

Looking forward to tomorrow's service.

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