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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Tuesday 29th January 2008

A much brighter and clearer day today with some sun late morning and early afternoon. I wasn't too busy today, partly due to somebody cancelling a visit. I managed to catch up with some paperwork and phone calls. Collected the boys from the games field and Rosie went home with a friend. Had an awful argument with Charlie this morning which I couldn't stop thinking about all day. I was so angry with him due to his rudeness and disrespect shown to me this morning and also how he deliberately didn't have any breakfast despite everything set up for him on the table. Our argument made us late to leave.

Anyway he seems in a better frame of mind and is acting as if nothing has happened. I will ensure he is up earlier in the mornings to give him more time to come round.

Took Rosie to her swimming lesson. Graham came back from Milan. He is working from home tomorrow which is good.

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