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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Monday 14th January 2008

Woke up early and took the children to school. I went to the gym afterwards and did my first workout since before Christmas. I stepped for 20 mins, went on the cross trainer for 20 mins and then went on the jogging machine for 10 mins ( only jogged for 5 mins, walked the rest ). There was nobody around to have a coffee with so went to Sainsbury's and stocked up for the week buying more healthy stuff than usual.

Back home I called my mum who was still feeling positive about receiving her results. I told her lots of people were praying for her and she said again that if she had to go for radiotherapy she would be confident and could cope with it.

Cleaned the playroom, cloakroom and lounge after lunch. I see I'm back in my routine with Mondays being a day of gym, Sainsbury's, and housework.

Anyway at about 2.30pm the phone rang. It was my mum sounding exuberant! The consultant does not think she has cancer nor anything serious! How amazing is God! I asked for a miracle and I believe one was given to me. She has to go back for another xray in 4 weeks, but no other follow up is necessary. The consultant is still unsure what the lesion is and says it could be as a result of the recent chest infection she had.

My friend who I pray with every two weeks arrived and I was delighted to share this good news with her. We gave thanks to God and prayed about other issues pertinent to our lives.

I sent a text message to all who had been praying for mum and also to non Christian friends thanking them and also to encourage them. If anybody is reading this, please be encouraged by the power of prayer.

Picked up Rosie and her friend from school whilst the boys were brought home by a friend. It was maths homework tonight for Rosie and Harry. Harry really struggles with maths and I find it difficult trying to help him. He seems to forget the basics and then panics.

Spent the rest of the evening transporting children to Brownies and cell group. Graham came home and then collected Charlie. Graham is happy as Leeds have just won a match against Crewe.

My bible reading today was about making plans and counting on God to direct us by prayer, His word and wise counsel. I am so thankful for Graham and wise friends to give me advice. I have been asked to go and see the Prof of public health in Luton on Thursday to discuss the feasibility of a PhD. I'm still not sure about it but need to exclude this option to enable me to focus on other things.

Work tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to as usual! Going to bed in a minute to read. I'm reading a great biography about Anne Boleyn who had a huge influence on church history in her time.

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