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Friday, 4 January 2008

Thursday January 3rd 2008

Didn't even think about getting up with Graham this morning but waved to him as he was walking out of the bedroom. Managed to read before the children got up. I am reading The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd which is very good, but not as good as The Secret Life of Bees. I too will be in for a shock when I go back to work next week and have to get up at 6.50am.

Read some more of Exodus and my thoughts today were about how God uses ordinary people with ordinary fears and hang ups to do great things. I know there are loads of examples in the Bible of how God works through ordinary people to make them extraordinary for His work. Even Moses was reluctant to listen to God and do His work to begin with. So God can even use the likes of me.

Spoke to my mum who is feeling better today. I told her that a friend prayed for her yesterday which she seemed impressed with.

Didn't have time to take the rest of the decs down as we had to collect Harry's and Rosie's friends on the way to MK to Planet Ice. Most of the children have gone back to school so the rink was relatively quiet so we had a great time. I did 3 lots of 10 laps of the rink so feeling virtuous decided to stop off for fish and chips on the way home.

After ice skating we trooped into Graham's office to say hello. We didn't get past the reception though. I think the sight of five children was too alarming for an office of accountants. I did get a nice cup of coffee though brought to me by Graham which surprised even his PA.

Harry asked his friend if he could come for a sleepover. Don't know why they are called sleepovers as so little time is spent asleep. Rosie tried to wangle a sleepover at her friend's but her mother has clearly more foresight than myself and said she could go 'another time'.

Very cold today but still no snow. It tried to snow a little bit this afternoon but didn't quite make it.

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