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Sunday, 13 January 2008

Saturday 12th January 2008

Our father in heaven does indeed answer prayers! Not that I doubted the power of prayer but it is affirming and faith building when a result is seen. So many people were praying for my mum yesterday pm whilst she was undergoing a bronchoscopy. Amazingly she said she was not scared and felt very calm. She did not feel a thing due to the sedation but most remarkably she has not had any coughing or sore throat or any other side effects following the procedure. I am still praying for a miracle that she will be completely healed of whatever is causing the shadow/growth on her lung. Surely this is a testimony to 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.' Philippians 4:13. She even said that if she does have cancer she could cope with it! What a change in her. She will get the results on Monday afternoon. It just goes to show that whatever life throws at us if we pray and trust God He will give us supernatural power to not only cope but demonstrate extraordinary strength. My mother is a meek lady and is still grieving for my father who died 25th January 2007 and the joy in her life is absent. I just pray that God will continue to reveal Himself to her through this health scare.

We've had a relaxing weekend so far. Graham had his golf lesson this morning and I finished off the upstairs housework which is always satisfying when I have blitzed the children's rooms. We then went to KFC for lunch before doing a spot of shopping at the retail park. Charlie needs a new school coat and trainers but we didn't buy either due to him being unable to make a decision about the items on offer. It was so frustrating.

After tea we all played an X Factor chocolate quiz game that the children were given for Christmas. We had such a laugh, particularly at Graham's attempts. Rosie won -well she had to. It has been so nice to spend quality family time together. I was pleased we hadn't anything planned this evening.

Just started to watch a depressing film about 9/11 ( World Trade Center). I don't know much about the film but it seems awful that revenue has been made from this tragic event.

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