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Monday, 28 January 2008

Sunday 27th January 2008

A great day today. I didn't feel tired at all today, perhaps due to swimming yesterday and not going to bed too late last night.

Woke relatively early and pottered around before the others appeared. Graham took Harry to church and then Charlie to rugby. I collected Harry from church and then made a roast dinner for us all. We then went on a cycle ride to look at a house in the village. We don't really need to move but the house is in a quieter area and has slightly larger rooms downstairs. However after inspection we decided that the house would need too much work done to it as it had not been decorated since it had been built twenty years ago. The house was very clean and tidy.

Rosie and I then stopped off at her friend's nearby for awhile before heading back. Graham and the others had already left for church as he was on the welcoming committee.

The service was awesome although I found it difficult to concentrate initially during the worship. I don't know why but every time I tried to focus myself on the Lord I became distracted. However, I managed better during the sermon and got so much out of it. Richard was talking about previous prophecies about our church and how God will pour oil on all our evangelism, signs and wonders and that we were to experience exponential growth. 33 people were baptised last year which is more than the year before. God will give us the power to speak about Him to our friends, families and neighbours and many will be saved and the prodigals will come home. God has put us in places where He wants us to be. I then realised we hadn't prayed and sought God's guidance about moving when we should have. God is also going to unblock wells in our lives. Was unblocking the downstairs toilet today which had been blocked up all day an analogy to this?!!

Anyway I felt very inspired afterwards and encouraged. We then drove home and collected Rosie's friend who is here for a sleepover as the girls don't have school tomorrow and her mother is working. Graham went to see his parents and I watched Lark Rise to Candleford which is a heart warming tale of rural nineteenth century life. It is set in both Lark Rise which is a small hamlet and Candleford a small town and documents the lives of characters in both. I am so enjoying it and it is the perfect ending to a Sunday and to a busy week.

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