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Friday, 25 January 2008

Remembering Dad

My Dad died one year ago today. I thought today would feel strange and poignant, but it feels like any other day really. My Mum, David and Christine went to the tree and planted some more bulbs. I do think it would have been nice if I could have been there but it was not possible.

After dropping the children off at school I went to work to collect the notes for the meeting. I was put in a dilemma during the meeting and felt I should have spoken up about a concern I had. I didn't but thankfully was able to discuss my concerns with the other members of the team after the parents left. Another person had the same concerns so we both asked them to be documented.

I then went into town and bought a couple of t shirts in the sale and some flowers for Helen. I then drove to Helen's for the core group meeting for Cornerstone. She had prepared a lovely lunch for us. On the way back I stopped off at Tesco's and Homebase and bought a bulb for the uplight lamp in the lounge ( which I've since lost)!

I collected Rosie from school and Charlie walked home. Harry had swimming after school. Feel I'm rambling on about nothing in particular. I think I do feel sad or ill at ease about today and remembering my father. It's not that I don't think about him as I do most days, but it's thinking about the circumstances in which he passed away which distresses me.

I will finish now.

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