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Friday, 18 January 2008

Thursday 17th January 2008

A strange day. The morning was great at the drop in centre. I helped in the kitchen again. It was really positive to see that the five girls who had expressed an interest in doing The Overcomers course took part in their first session today which they really enjoyed.

I then drove to Putteridge Bury to meet Gurg. I arrived for the 2pm appointment to be told the appointment was 3pm! I felt really stupid and apologised profusely. He managed to see me at 2.30pm saying he had just checked the email he sent me which confirmed it was 3pm! Anyway I felt the meeting was a waste of time as he confirmed that there is no funding at the university or with the PCTs. He told me about the Workforce Development Department who may have some. I will contact them when I have some time but am now feeling that this clarifies not pursuing this option. I will continue to pray.

I managed to pick the children up in good time and came home. It has been raining heavily again today and there has been localised flooding.

I checked the email I received from Gurg and the time was 2pm! I knew I would never have agreed to meet him at 3pm as I would not have been back in time to pick the children up.

Harry seems tired and was stressed tonight about his homework. Charlie has had a good day and Rosie also seems tired

Graham has been stranded in Madrid as planes are unable to land at Heathrow due to a plane crash( nobody killed). My last text message from him about twenty minutes ago said the plane was now ready to fly. This means he will not be back until very late tonight. I feel tired tonight and am going to have an early night. I'm meeting an old friend tomorrow at a health spa for the day so am looking forward to having a relaxing day chilling out.

Finished reading Exodus.

Fancied listening to Delirious. Here is a link to a recent concert with Hillsongs:

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